Conjugate the Verbs! (in_this_city) wrote,
Conjugate the Verbs!

im in Estonia.
and the internet costs a lot of money.
le fin.

p.s. i miss all my friends dearly.
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wow you better have all the fun in the world!!!
whats that?
it's a country.! in europe. near finland
Lenwa!!! I miss you UBER amounts
I hope you're having a good time with all the hotties haha
is your address 24 forestwood drive or something? im planning on sending you a postcard, but im not sure if that was the right address.

their all too hot for me to hit on, so im actually kind of depressed. *le sigh*
I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!

♥!!!!!!!! CALL ME!!!!!!!!!!
omgzz i was gonna cally ou today buut my cellphone wont work. and i need to get a card.\but ill call you fo' sho
i hope you're having a fabulous time!
it was fate.
!!!! did you get your wallet??
ive been worried sick!
as soon as i get to ri ill call you. and dont forget to get the bjork cd when it comes out.
how did you like nyc!


13 years ago

I haven't been around Thayer St. as of lately for sheer facts that are Ken. But I miss you dearly. I finally can see through new spectacles they call glasses. So college hill of me.
I saw and hung out with LizZie all evening on Friday with her friend Scott...I told he to give ou a call when school starts. She suggested that all three of us hang out sometime. I highly agree!
Well, must dash. Along with the many chores I have yet to start considering the fact I woke up willingly at 7pm from the night before, I have time to be bouncy...Places to burn, bodies to bleach. Good eveing!

Lost in oblivion,

PS: You should definately call sometime. As I said, I miss you dearly. The heart, she quivers and hurts with anticipating ecstasy... Toodles!
i miss you too ~*tear*
im in narva right now, (part of estonia) and tried to send a letter to you the other day but i left the address in nyc *sigh*
is it okay if i just give you the letter and package when i see you.?
yay for glasses i bet you look even hotter with them.
And i agree, we should hang out. hopefully thatll happen in the near future.
i cant call you because im in europe, and the cell phone dosenent work.
maybe ill get a phone card
I cant compete with what all these people are saying, but i will write something anyways. hope your trip is great and i miss you. we need to do something when you get back. i am doing so great now and i am having the time of my life, i hope you are too. - jeff.
aww im glad you´re doing well. i really am.
i miss you too, and i wish we had seen each other before i left. i never got around to calling you. nothing personal. im really bad about those things. *le sigh*

Mm, Estonia. I want to go there. Estonia and Finland.

I miss you and your entries. Have heaps of fun. <3
finland is awsome.
i have like 200 pictures of both estonia, and finland. and will post them as soon as i get back (agust 31st).

you know what i hate about baltic countries? the people there are so depressed and, non conservating. if you start a conversation with a random person they think you´re some weirdo, and give you a funny look.

even when you dont start talking to anyone, they all stare at you, as if you were some alien. its fucking annoying and frightening.