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Dial up users, beware. there are  A LOT of pictures.

i arrived in ri, yesterday.

the new mall  

my best friend lives here.





Inside the Tramm

outside of the house made of beer bottles


At the beach




at my friend's house

her mom

going back to tallinn

concert. Smilers (Estonian rock band)

they wanted me to take a picture of them

since i was in the front row, i could see her underwear troughout the whole show

My brother trying to understand Russian

He kind of looks like the kid that played in Elephant

My grandma's friend/distant relative

in Helsinki
we bought

my brother being custy on the plane, because i got the window seat.

over Helsinki.

self explanetory

airport in Helsinki

before the lost our luggage

2 days after we got our luggage back.

i met !! Nikki !!

The TRL crowd.


coney island

@ JFK Airport

awsome shoe store on St. Mark's


elder lady posing with patriotic hookers?

Times Sq.



if you are reading this;

emorilla - sorry for not calling. my mom didn't allow long distance. (and when i did manage to sneak a
few phone calls, the phone was busy)
as soon as my mom get's her driver's liscense back, we will most def hang out.
Also,My mom and I got you alcohol from Estonia. So remind me to bring it when i see you.

</span>cliche______- yo, i got your text message.sorry i wosen't up at 2 am to answer it. lol. i have a crush
on your haircut. Have you heard from Ken?  Did school start already? I got you a miniature buddha statue
from Estonia

</span>nickirod78-</span>s0ci0path- when Napoleon Dynamite comes out on DVD, you're coming over my house to watch it. kay?
and you should call me if i dont call you in the next few days.

</span>sakikashima- Im kind of a booty hoe, and misplaced your address [again]. I got you a couple of things
that i'd like to send out on tuesday.  (i cant get a ride to your house because my mom got her liscence suspended.)

</span>dearlyforgotten-did you get the postcard?
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